Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Drinkin' with Dr Bamforth

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,
Saturday, about a dozen members of the SF Homebrewers Guild joined up at our VP’s house to build our booth for the Northern California Homebrewers Festival… and spoiler alert, it’s a prison theme similar to our NHC booth… but it’s called Alco-traz… and here are some teasers…

Sunday was the return of professional football… and I have the NFL Sunday Ticket… so I spent seven hours of my day watching the Red Zone Channel & drinking homebrew… like a f**king boss. Jealous? Well, swing on by the crib next time & we’ll do it potluck style.
Monday night, Izzy & I met up with Big Ben, Lone Cicerone & Li’l Jon and we attended a special event at Sierra Nevada’s Torpedo Room in Berkeley where the great Dr. Charles Bamforth (UC-Davis professor) was giving a special talk about beer, the history of beer, the chemistry & science of beer, and of course… each chapter in the talk was complimented with an appropriate beer. He discussed many thing like yeast, the chemistry of taste, nitrogen, foam, malt preparation, hops, attenuation of hops and a slough of other things… and a great night was had by all. Here are a few pictures…

Tuesday night was softball… and we fell into a bit of a hole early… I believe we were down 8-1 after the 2nd inning, just a few fielding mistakes but in softball those things add up quick. However, a few innings later, we started clicking at the plate again… and we ended up winning 9-8 in a nailbiter. We’re 4-0 now… and I’m not one to brag… but I’m literally batting 1.000 this year still. 6-for-6 with two walks… I make it to the plate, son. I’ve even ran in about half of them (I’m near the end of the batting order). Anyway, great game everybody!!! Let’s keep this stuff going… and let’s get back to the blowout victories. They’re easier on my heart.
Well, that’s really about it for this entry… the next few days we’ll be getting ready for the Northern California Homebrewers Festival this weekend… and hopefully the wildfires here in California won’t ruin the festival… but seriously, my hearts go out to all of the people REALLY affected by the fire & those heroes that are out there putting them out in hellish conditions. God’s speed everybody! Have a great weekend!!!

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