Monday, April 20, 2015

Learn to Homebrew Day & Meals on Wheels

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,

Thursday night, we kegged our Milk Stout in preparation for Learn to Homebrew Day on Saturday... here are some pictures...

Saturday, we started around 10:30 AM and we had about 8-10 guests for our Learn to Homebrew Day. We had our first one about six months ago in early November... and during it, we basically explain the process of brewing beer (much like this blog), share some of our homebrew to show what can be done, share some of their own (some have done a handful of brews), and share stories, answer questions, just plain have fun. This time around, we did a partial mash English style Porter. Here are some pictures...

Above: Our fabulous potluck
Below: Spent Grains 

The whole brew took about four hours total, so a pretty quick spiel... and everybody had a good time... and hopefully we'll have a few more readers of this blog. For those new readers, please feel free to go back through some of the past entries. There are LOTS of pictures and further explanations of past brews. I'd also like to thank everybody for coming out to the event & please check out the San Francisco Homebrewers Guild page for details on how to learn more... join their mailing list... join the blog... or just read our blog too... it's pretty awesome! Comments are always welcome & I can certainly recommend past entries & answer questions if you want to know more. It's truly my pleasure.

After the event, since we had all of the gear still out... we also decided to transfer our SMaSH English Pale Ale to secondary as well...

 Beer Lacing Alert - Beer Turkey!!!

Sunday, we helped out at the Meals on Wheels Fundraiser Gala where they annual raise MILLIONS of dollars for elderly individuals who cannot provide food for themselves... so a great cause and a great night with a LOT of great individuals helping out those less fortunate. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures... but yeah, everybody dressed to the nines, a lot of great restaurants & vintners donating... and yeah, I highly recommend helping out, if not this charity, charities in your areas... just do it! Pay it forward!

Anyway, that's about it for this entry... unfortunately I'm just a wee bit busy... but please leave comments, check out some past entries & just enjoy your wonderful lives! Have a great day everybody!

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