Friday, January 16, 2015

Weekend with C, H & KJ

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,
Last Friday night after work & watching some of the “Good Eats” collection on Netflix, Izzy & I decided to use the Beer Bread kit that my brother gave to me for Christmas… along with one of our Red Ales… and it turned out pretty damn good. Thanks to Alton Brown, we’ve probably got a pretty damn good recipe to use with some of our other brews for decent bread… but we’ll let you know about that when it comes up. Hmm… chocolate hazelnut porter beer bread? Anyway, here’s our Irish Red Ale Bread

Saturday, our friends C&H from our epic Oregon trip last year (REMEMBER?) visited from their new home in Sacramento… and they also brought along their little six-month old KJ. (Don’t worry… I realize that KJ is a little over six months old… and about nine months before that was right around our Oregon trip… so I’m pretty sure that wonderful trip helped to bring an adorable baby into this world) Anyway, we went on a quick hike up to Inspiration Point, had some lunch at Pizza Orgasmica, wandered around the Presidio a little bit…

… and then while sitting around the apartment, we decided to pull out the Robopanda and traumatize little KJ

All weekend, the Golden Gate Bridge was closed to road traffic for some construction (I think adding an alternating lane or some sort of financial rape machine or something) but not to walk across, so Izzy & I thought it’d be a good day to walk from my apartment, to the bridge, across to Marin County, and then back… all in all, about 8 miles. We totally did it… and probably will again… here are some beautiful pictures…

Anyway, that was last weekend, so pretty much caught you up on my shenanigans. Tune in next time when we brew another batch of amazing beer, probably review some movies, make Love and/or War & celebrating the great Reverend Doctor Martin Luther King, junior. Have a great weekend everybody!!!

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