Monday, June 16, 2014

Pretty Damn Good Weekend

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,

Yeah, it was one of those pretty good weekends... first & foremost, the San Antonio Spurs DESTROYED the Miami Heat (as predicted) in five games to win their 5th championship & first in seven years. Congratulations to them!!! Great team, great scheme, love following them & think they're GREAT for basketball. Done.

Saturday morning, we bottled our Torpedo Clone so we'll be able to taste it in two weeks... but in uncarbonated sample, it seems like it's gonna be pretty choice...

Next, Izzy & I finally kegged our ChocoNut Stout after a few issues with the process (including a quickly emptied CO2 tank) but got a few good tools that I needed anyway... and finished it up, got it working good... and then within a few hours was enjoying our stout. Here's the process... we had it in our keg last week, then to have it go quickly we did the "rocking" method of carbonating, which is basically when you turn the pressure up & rock it back and forth to make it happen quicker & absorb the CO2... then set it back to normal pressure for a few hours... and boom, you're ready. Here are pictures...

That evening, we went to The Nantucket in Hercules to have a dinner that was supposed to be celebratory for Izzy's birthday... but honestly it was for her cousin's shotgun engagement. Just being real... but yeah, great food & great view from the place...

Sunday, I started playing my new video game that Izzy got me for my birthday "South Park: The Stick of Truth" and it's f**king awesome!!! It's basically a mix of South Park & those RPG games that I've never really played before... but thankfully it's hilarious, fairly easy to pick up, and I LOVE IT!!! Check it out... probably going to be my Video Game of the Year... just keeping you posted. It's the early favorite.

Also, here's another sunset from Sunday night that I thought you'd enjoy... have a great evening everybody!!!

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