Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dawn of the Panda Age

Good Afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,

It's been a busy little time with getting ready for a Mini Comics event this weekend... and in doing so, I completed my first mini-comic. You can check it out at my new blog at RoboPanda Comics. Be sure to follow it & you can keep up on all of the latest RoboPanda updates. Yes, right now it's just a little intro blurb & this mini-comic... but soon... oh boy, you're going to see where YOU can get your RoboPanda comics & various other swag. So excited for it...  Once again, the link is...
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These reviews are probably going to be a little more brisk than previously... because it's late... but you'll get the jist. If not, ask me... and I'll gladly elaborate. The first movie up is "The New World" starring Colin Farrell as John Smith, the man who is famous for marrying Pocahontas in the early 17th century. It's a beautifully shot movie by director Terence Malick... and attempts to be more realistic about what really happened during the settlement of early America by the English... and then they try to throw in a whole love story with John Smith (by the way, she was like 12-14 years old when she was married the first time, right? That's just how it was) and then later with Thomas Rolfe (Christian Bale BTW). It's also 2.5 hours long... so yeah, beautifully shot but... pass.
Next was "The Man with the Iron Fists" starring Russell Crowe & the writer / director / star / WU TANG MUTHA F**KA The RZA!!! It's the story of a blacksmith (Rza) who is caught in the aptly named Jungle Village between feuding clans & new visitors in feudal China. The director RZA gives his unique view of the martial arts movie genre... and I personally liked it... even if the names are ridiculously distinct to that persons traits or role in the flick, I dig that. The actions sequences are decent, the story is... well, it's a martial arts movie... the soundtrack is... distinct with the Wu Tang flavor throughout... basically I really enjoyed it... and you probably will too if you enjoy the genre. There's fights, one-liners, betrayal, drama, revenge, all that good stuff.

Next up is "Silent Hill: Revelation" which is the 3D sequel ten years too late to the original video game adaptation. Basically, this movie picks up ten years after the end of the last one... and if you didn't see the first one, there's ABSOLUTELY no reason to see this flick. I did...and the story didn't make any sense in continuity. Anyway, if you liked the original, still... don't watch this one... for the story flaws... and it's exactly the same eery creatures & sequences as the first one... just done worse with really no scare factor whatsoever... other than how awful the lead actress is... and she'll be in "The Great Gatsby." Don't even want to imagine the amount of BJs to get that job based on this movie. Pass please.
Next is "Seven Psychopaths" starring Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell, Christopher Walken, Tom Waits & Woody Harrellson. It's the story of a few writers / dognappers who are on a mission to make money & write the next great American novel / screenplay. It sounds weird... but I absolutely insist that you go see this movie. It's pretty well done... it's crazy... I mean... look at the actors in it... they're all crazy & doing it at their best. You'll love it.
Last is a National Lampoon's parody that I caught on Netflix called "The Legend of Awesomest Maximus" starring Will Sasso ("Mad TV" & "Three Stooges") and a few D-list players like the lovely Kristianna Loken ("Terminator 3" & "Bloodrayne") and Ian Ziering (yes, THAT Ian Ziering from the original 90210). It's a parody of the epic Greek movies like "Gladiator", "300", "Troy", "Spartacus" and the like... and it was actually pretty funny at points. I'd say a B on the parody tip. TEN times better than "Meet the Spartans" or whatever the hell that other one was. Check it out... like I said, it's on Netflix.
Well, that'll do it for today. I'll catch you up a little better on my life shortly. My mom, aunt & cousin are coming to visit in less than two weeks... so that'll be pretty awesome. Have a great weekend everybody!!!

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